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At H2Ouse Magazine, we have designed an informative forum of content on all aspects of water conservation. Our content and online publication are aimed at the consumers, activists, and decision makers in the field of water conservation.

H2Ouse magazine is interested in hearing what people involved have to say about water saving and conservation. We encourage you to write articles for your website and gain exposure through our page.

H2Ouse Magazine serves the needs for the demands of water saving as communities, manufacturers, and industrial facilities and more will be affected by the lack of water. We are always looking for writers who can provide and share their experience in the energy industry to contribute and add valued content that highlights the need for water conservation.

Here’s what we look for: 

All topics must have a unique focus that’s original and well sourced. Content must be engaging to our readers and provide great motivation as well as encourage the readership demands in all forms of water enthusiasts. 

Articles – 500 – 1,000 words 

This section includes new analysis, studies, project information, etc. 

Featured Articles – 1,500 – 3,500 words 

This section provides more in-depth content on water conservation, technology, markets, etc. 

Press Release – 500 words 

This section includes news trends on the latest information on water. Please ensure to follow our guidelines for submission. 

H2Ouse Magazine has continued to reach international viewers. This will allow you to gain your position as a contributor to our website effectively.  

Feel free to send us an email and contact us regarding your plan to submit your pitch and articles.