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Are you interested in advertising with H2Ouse Magazine? We provide a variety of ways to help you build your business and get your message through our list of subscribers. 

Here’s what H2Ouse Magazine has to offer with the following options: 

Sponsors Button 

The button will be seen on every link on our website. Each sponsor button will be located under the heading sponsors. As directed we will not provide a set spot as we aim to provide every sponsor with the same chances of traffic.  

Text Advertisement 

The text advertisement will display a provided text that is placed along center of the page. The Text advertisement will be the first element to load, the text advertisement will be the first advertisement that readers will see when visiting our site. The advertisement can allow a maximum amount of words to be determined during consultation. 

Embedded Advertisement 

The embedded ads will appear on every page of our site. The embedded advertisement will be systematically rotated to show up more often. Animation is highly encouraged. However, the use of lash will not be allowed. 

Premium Sponsorship Advertisement  

The premium advertisement will be presented as the introduction on our website. Animation is highly encouraged. However, the use of lash will not be allowed.  

Sponsored Posts on Social Media  

H2Ouse Magazine accepts sponsored posts that offer useful information, discounts, and promotional giveaways. 

Our ads are sold on a monthly basis upon demand, using subscription. Unless you decide to cancel the subscription, the ads will auto renew until the contract has ended.